This page lists companies that have contributed sponsorship of some form to my business and adventures.

An important note. I only use gear that is worth using. I won't use supplied equipment just because it has been supplied at reduced or no charge, it has to be top notch gear that performs faultlessly.

Mont Adventure Equipment

I am a Mont Ambassador. Mont make some of the very best outdoor equipment available within Australia and I am proud to use their gear. I use their travel clothing, warm wear, down clothing, tents, sleeping bags and packs, and headwear. It is all fantastic stuff to use, well designed, durable and functional.

Helinox make some of the coolest chairs around. My Chair Zero goes with me everywhere now, it’s just so nice to be able to lean back after a day’s walk or paddle.
I’m looking forward to working with Helinox to try out more of their gear. 


Smitten woollen clothing is as good as it gets. Well made, stylish and best of all, it doesn't get stinky after days of use on end!


DeLorme's latest messenger device, the InReach SE is an awesome piece of technological wizardry. It sends and receives messages and emails via satellite, tracks my progress and it also has an emergency function. And best of all, it works anywhere on Earth because it uses the Iridium network.

Norske Skog Papermakers

My employer. They have been generous both with their time and support, a great company to work for.

Singapore air have generoulsy increased nmy baggage limit on overseas expeditions.

Etihad has been very generous in assistance with excess baggage whilst on expedition.


I seriously hope I never hear these alarms activate as it means I have an unwelcome rather large white furry creature close to my tent. But they will give me an opportunity to stay alive…enough said.


Icelandair has been very generous in assistance with excess baggage between the UK and Iceland

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