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I am a wilderness and landscape photographer based in Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania has some of the finest untouched wilderness landscapes on Earth.

I invite you to enter and see Tasmania and other places on this wonderful planet from my perspective.

In 2011 I led an expedition paddling sea kayaks across Bass Strait. I took a few photos along the way……

Bass Strait by Kayak

In August 2012 I joined a group of paddlers on an expedition in East Greenland. 

A video from the trip can be seen here…

Greenland 2012 

      Sea Kayaks in East Greenland

 In September of 2013 I embarked on a 2 week solo paddle in the raw landscape that is East Greenland. The blog of this trip is here… 

A Solo Sea Kayak Expedition in East Greenland's Ammassalik region

Here is a video of my latest trip to Greenland

A solo sea kayaking expedition in East Greenland


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